utorok 2. júna 2009

Robert Fico

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Dan szilagyi povedal(a)...

Hey thanks alot for stopping by and leaving a comment man!

Your cartoony style is amazing! it's something i'd expect to see in the newspaper

please stop by again soon!

I'll be checking on your work more often too


alberto abril povedal(a)...

Hola Pavel, te conocía por las caricaturas, ahora veo tus viñetas de cómic y me encantan, tienes un gran sentido del humor.

Javier Quijano Llicán povedal(a)...

Gran Dibujante!!!

Aleksandar Nikolic Shomy povedal(a)...

great works, thanks for visiting my blog.

Claudio Cerri povedal(a)...

Wonderful works, very nice to meet you. See you soon.

tinylittlesandra povedal(a)...

I have no idea what these say, but just looking at the pictures is making me laugh :O)